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what is a disc jockey

What is a South African Disc Jockey? Information and definitions via the web: 

A South African disc jockey is a person who plays musical recordings for a living. Common genres of music played by a Disc Jockey include heavy metal, classic rock, light rock, adult contemporary, hip hop, gangsta rap, rhythm & blues, jazz, and country western. Most radio stations do not cross over into different genres, though genres that are similar may enjoy some cross over play.

what is a disc jockey

For example, the Disc Jockey of an adult contemporary station may play some country western songs and light rock songs. In addition to playing music in accordance with the playlist, the Disc Jockey for a radio station may also be responsible for answering calls from listeners, conducting interviews with musicians, and announcing commercials as directed by the radio station. Typically, the Disc Jockey has little authority over what music is played.

A Disc Jockey may also provide music at a wedding reception. In this case, the Disc Jockey may receive a playlist form the bride and groom. Alternatively, the bride and groom may select a particular genre and leave it up to the Disc Jockey to select the songs to be played. Often, a Disc Jockey at a wedding reception also takes requests from those in attendance.

what is a disc jockey

The wedding Disc Jockey may also be called upon to act as an emcee at the wedding and announce when special events are about to take place, such as the throwing of the bouquet. In addition, the wedding Disc Jockey generally interacts with the audience in order to encourage guests to dance and have fun.

what is a disc jockey

Another type of Disc Jockey is one that plays music at a bar or a club. A Disc Jockey at a club often has duties similar to those of a wedding Disc Jockey. A club Disc Jockey, however, may not take musical requests. In addition, many club Disc Jockey s mix tracks beforehand in order to create recognizable songs with fun beats that encourage dancing.

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